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Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by New York artist Mark Sheinkman; the artist’s eleventh solo show with the gallery spanning a twenty plus year history.

Sheinkman has expanded the role of additive mark-making in his latest paintings which no longer include graphite. The direct application of oil and alkyd paint and a more clearly evident brushwork has resulted in gestures with a wider range of characteristics. In many of these paintings, he has so entirely entangled the marks that the layering is ambiguous. This complicates the implied depth and introduces a snap of tension between spatial illusion and the painted surface, opening up a range of potential for formal exploration and art historical associations.

Sheinkman’s process is flexible and fluid, and allows him considerable leeway to react and change course, Sheinkman says, “the process is what’s engaging because you’re paying attention all the time. Restrictions open up all kinds of possibilities.”

Sheinkman was born in New York in 1963 and received a B.A. from Princeton University. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, among others. He has exhibited regularly in the United States and abroad, including solo exhibitions at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO; the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan; and the Museum Gegenstandsfreier Kunst, Otterndorf, Germany.


Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of recent work by New York artist, Carolyn Marks Blackwood; the artist's second solo show with the gallery.

In The Story Series, Blackwood’s background in cinema heavily informs the photographs that are suggestive of film stills and are evocative of a greater story line. She starts with a scene, a specific time and place that seize her attention because of its intriguing ambiguity. Often these places are country roads and old houses near where she lives in upstate New York. The large-scale photographs are captioned with a line of script that provokes the viewer to complete the story that Blackwood initiates. The photographs are taken from the point of view of the spectator, who then becomes the protagonist of the ‘story’.

The images suggest an active choice, an action to be taken in relation to a future that is unknown. Some of the images imply crossroads; indeed, many are actual intersections. In that sense, they represent a pivotal moment in which the viewer is confronted with the choice of moving forward or turning back, when you gather strength or loose all hope. They epitomize highly emotional moments that are relatable to the viewer, when all of a sudden they realize that a choice must be made in the trajectory of an individual life.

A screenwriter and producer, Blackwood is a principal partner of Magnolia Mae Films. Among the films produced by Magnolia Mae are The Duchess (2008), The Invisible Woman (2013) and Philomena (2013). Blackwood began exhibiting her photography in the last ten years and has exhibited in the U.S. and Europe.

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