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Von Lintel Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition by German photographer, Christiane Feser. Photoobjects is comprised of unique photographic objects and a selection of archival pigment prints. The exhibition is the artist’s first solo show in the United States and her first with the gallery.

Christiane Feser plays in the intersection of photography and object. Her subjects begin as paper models of cut-up patterns. She photographs the models and then manually alters the prints—folding, carving and threading the paper—to complete the patterns in three dimensional relief.

Feser’s experimental process hijacks the logic of the photographic medium. A flat photograph, assumed to represent the reality of its subject, transforms into an object with its own reality that exists in space and interacts with its surroundings. Object and representation pristinely intertwine to create perplexing shadows, chromatic anomalies and layered geometries. The exchanges between the artist’s hand and the camera’s lens become sculptural puzzles that provoke a dialogue about reproduction.

“Since Plato, geometry has been regarded as the finding of truth…. Christiane turns aesthetic forms and formulas upside down through an alliance of conditions that is both contradictory and complex. …Her images encounter a reality that we don’t always understand, but try to live with courage.”

—Michael Stoeber

Christiane Feser was born in Würzburg, Germany in 1977. She studied photography at the Offenbach University of Art and Design in Germany. International exhibitions include the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York; Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina, Firenze, Italy; the Mönchehaus Museum, Goslar, Germany; Frankfurter Kunstverein and the Museum for Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, Germany. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Mönchehaus Museum and the DZ Bank Art Collection among others.

The artist lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Von Lintel Gallery | Los Angeles

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